“CNN Stop Lying About Ethiopia” Chanted Hundreds as they Marched through NYC

March 11, 2021, Manhattan, New York – Hundreds gathered outside of the UN headquarters to make their voices heard while donning Ethiopia’s national flag and respective colors, displaying their support for the nation and its prime minister –– Abiy Ahmed Ali. 

Ethiopia’s northern province, Tigray, has been a subject of protests as people voiced their concern of how the region is being governed. Amidst this, many are calling this a grave humanitarian crisis as the region has been sectioned off from receiving any form of aid, health care, or communications, according to protesters.

The protestors look to Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, who was appointed to govern in 2018 and be the voice for the people. While Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was praised for making use of the federal government to help rid the TPLF of their hold, Ethiopia’s internal conflicts do not appear to be fully resolved. The UN is unsure of its next move as Tigray remains uncommunicative after reports of a black-out, in which cell service and the internet are unavailable, according to protesters.

The protestors declared that the UN needs to recognize TPLF, (The Tigray People’s Liberation Front) as a terrorist organization and act accordingly. A protestor had this to say about TPLF; 

“They’ve abused us, killed us, murdered us, and even recently have committed many genocides.”

The region of Eritrea, bordering the north of Tigray, is challenged as the possible catalyst for war crimes, massacres, and human rights violations as it aides Ethiopia’s militia forces against Tigray. 

Video by Oliya Scootercaster and @NewYorkCityPeople (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

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