Armed robbers beat and tie-up Bronx parking garage attendant, steal 3 cars

March 9 2021 Bronx, New York – cops are on a hunt for a group of armed robbers who beat and then tied up a parking garage attendant early Tuesday morning.

At around 3am, a car with 4 people drove up to 2740 Webster Avenue in the Bronx, asking how much it would cost to park. 58-year-old parking attendant replied that the lot was full.

Armed robbers jumped out of the vehicle and forced attendant into the booth, NYPD said. They kicked him and tied him up, before proceeding to steal 3 vehicles, Honda CRV, Toyota Camry, and a Porsche .

Video journalist Daniel Valls spoke to one of the people who’s car was taken, and he stated that he was scared that the Parking attendant may have been shot, he pleaded with the suspects. not to take his car.

Video by Daniel Valls (FNTV

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