Largest Trump 2024 Flag Unveiled, Multiple counter-protesters arrested

March 5 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York:
Several people were arrested during a Trump Rally in Times Square this afternoon.
The original rally planned was to unveil a 50ft Trump 2024 flag and march from Trump Tower to Times Square.
The group was met with a few counter protesters who walked with the group the entire way.

As the rally rounded into the pedestrian plaza on Broadway and 42nd street, the group stopped and several counter protesters began yelling that someone had a knife.
Reports of 4 counter protesters getting arrested.

Police stopped the group from proceeding beyond 43rd street, and the Trump supporters unfurled their flag again, now with water being thrown onto the flag. Police pointed at one counterprotester and appeared to chase him into a LOFT store on the corner of 42nd and Broadway, arresting him on the floor or the store.

The protest wrapped up shortly thereafter with both sides dispersing.

Video by @NewYorkCityPeople and Scootercaster (FNTV

NYPD has posted statements about the arrests:

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