Asian Man Stabbed in the Back in China Town

February 25 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York:
A 36 year old male was stabbed in the back in what was described by reported CeFaan Kim as an apparent unprovoked attack.
No words were exchanged during attack and the victim was transported to Bellevue hospital.
The incident happened around 6:20pm on Baxter Street in Chinatown.

Police confirmed that victim’s condition is deteriorating and he is likely to die.

The Asian Hate Crime Task force is investigating this as a possible hate crime. According to CeFaan Kim, the suspect walked into the Manhattan district attorney’s office and turned himself in. 

ABC New York reporter CeFaan Kim tweeted that sources said that “#hatecrime charge being added. Suspect also punched an Asian man (South Asian) in head in Brooklyn in January. Also upgrading charge to attempted homicide.”


Video by Dakota Santiago (FNTV

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