72-year-old woman, found dead in UWS Manhattan following accidental fire

Wednesday night around 8 p.m. NYPD officers were alerted to a residential fire in Columbus Avenue, within one of the Frederick Douglass public housing units, according to police.

The FDNY were called in to the third floor apartment where the blaze contained itself to one apartment, only. Inside, EMS came across one person who was unresponsive. The 72-year-old woman, found lain on her bed, was declared dead on arrival by authorities.

Further investigation confirms that the events of the fire took place after the woman was, supposedly, smoking in bed. FDNY Fire Marshals stated that the fire accidental was, caused by smoke which set off smoke alarms within the unit.

The identity of the victim has yet to be disclosed to the public by members of her family.

Video by Steve Sanchez (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

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