NYPD officer with Trump patches on uniform is “disciplined” according to Police Commissioner

February 5 2021 – BROOKLYN, New York:
Dozens of BLM activists, some in black bloc and with shields, gathered at Fort Greene Park early tonight for a march. Protest was to confront NYPD following an incident that occured few weeks ago, where a cop pulled a gun on a group of activists when they confronted him about wearing a mask.

The group was early on surrounded by a very large presence of police, who walked behind them and on the sides as they marched to the precinct. One officer was seen trying to get close to the group, in images online, she is seen wearing patches such as “Trump 2020” / “Make Enforcement Great Again”.

At one point, she pulled down her and blew a kiss to someone taking her photo, stating “I like photos”, according to journalist on the scene.

The NYPD said Saturday that they are aware of the video and the officer was disciplined. No further information was given regarding the nature of the discipline.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea retweeted the NYPD’s statement, adding: “Members of the NYPD must remain apolitical — it’s essential to public trust [and] officers’ ability to perform their jobs.”

Video by @Newyorkcitypeople (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

SBA (Sergent Benevolent Association) tweeted: “NYPD Sergeant Martillo should be treated the same as NYPD Chief Monaghan when he made a political statement. Nothing happen to him! DOUBLE STANDARD or WHITE SHIRT IMMUNITY?”

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