“THE GREEN ZONE” – 25,000 Troops in Washington DC

January 19 2021 – WASHINGTON DC:
Unending bus loads of National Guard troops deployed near the Capitol Tuesday night. Hundreds of soldiers looking young and some anxious as they gathered their equipment and awaited their orders. Some soldiers with shields and batons, some with rifles, they marched into the restricted area behind the razor wire fencing in the direction of the US Capitol.

According to the National Guard there are 25,000 troops in DC right now, 3 times the amount that would normally be here for an Inauguration. They have been authorized to use lethal force if necessary.

Not unlike scenes from the Green Zone in Baghdad, armed troops patrol the streets of the United States Capital one day before the inauguration of Joe Biden.
The usually open and free streets of Washington looking more like a military base with checkpoints and fences, are left empty and quiet.

Meanwhile at BLM plaza – “F**k you and your white Jesus”

Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, Militias and Demonstrators Rally for Second Amendment Rights in Richmond VA

Outside of the Capitol During Biden’s Inauguration