Hawk Newsome Speaks at Anti-Trump Protest, Naked Cowboy Interrupts

January 9 2021 – MANHATTAN, New York: Dozens of people gathered in Times Square on Saturday to protest President Donald Trump in the wake of Wednesday’s Capitol siege. Organizers from the group Refuse Fascism called for his immediate ouster and a large image of Trump as a rat was inflated in the plaza.

Black Lives Matter, Greater NY founder Hawk Newsome spoke to the crowd, saying that the violence at the Capitol was overt racism trying to overthrow covert racism, and that no political party represents the people.

At one point, well-known Times Square performer, the Naked Cowboy, with a guitar covered in Trump stickers interrupted speakers, he was told to leave several times and nearly cause a confrontation. At least 2 other Trump supporters came to counter protest and exchanged words with some members of the group.

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