‘Hoax Device’ Found, Dog Saved From Vehicle That Prompted Bomb Investigation

January 4 2020 – QUEENS, New York: Bomb Squad responding to suspicious vehicle at Queens Center Mall. All based on an unconfirmed report that a black Tesla with Nevada plates has a battery wired up to a propane tank in the parking garage. It’s also been reported that a dog has been removed from the vehicle.

Video by Scootercaster and Martin @That Photography Guy (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

Another report stated that the vehicle entered the garage around 2am. Police and fire units were on scene and the area was cordoned off and the Mall was evacuated before 9am.

Around 11:50am, the suspicious vehicle at the Queens Place Mall has been deemed a hoax device, police said.

Suspect in hoax bombing was already under NYPD investigation for far-right stunts, like burning George Floyd picture at the Carl Schurz park memorial. Video of that is available here https://twitter.com/MomtifaN/status/1344318680352567297?s=19

Louis SHENKER, the suspect, allegedly placed a hoax bomb on a stolen Tesla with a dog locked inside, said NBC.

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