GOOD BYE 2020 – “Good Riddance Day”

December 28 2020 – Manhattan NY: Actor Jonathan Bennett smashed the middle finger-shaped piñata today in Times Square to say Good Riddance to 2020.

The annual “Good Riddance Day” event is sponsored by Planet Fitness and the Times Square alliance. People come to Times Square and write what they they want to say goodbye to on paper and, this year, online (covid precautions) and the paper and the thoughts written upon it, is shredded during the event in a giant shredder in the plaza.

Bennet then took a bat to the piñata which exploded with confetti in a joyful goodbye to a tough year.
Monday is Good Riddance Day – a day to shred unwanted memories of the past year, and hope for a better new year.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster and @Newyorkcitypeople (FNTV

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