NYYRC Holds Forbidden Gala, ‘Antifa’ tags “You Are Canceled” on the doors of Yearly Republican Holiday Party

December 3 2020 – MANHATTAN, New York: The Metropolitan Republican Club was vandalized this morning by 4 people just after 2am according to its president, Ian Reilly.

The group had planned a Christmas party for this evening and decided to move forward with it despite what Reilly called an attempt to intimidate.
Reilly would not disclose how many guests were expected, but said it was well within the legal capacity limit.

We saw at least 30 people enter the building dressed for the event.
Some guests were just noticing the graffiti as they arrived.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster and @NewyorkCityPeople (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

Thursday evening, the New York Young Republican Club gathered at Maritime Parc in New Jersey for their 108th annual gala. Matt Gaetz and James O’Keefe were the main guests.

Event was originally scheduled to be held at Cadwell Factory event space in Chelsea, Manhattan. After anti-fascist activists organized multiple calls to the location, the event was made secret and the new location was never announced.

Video by Dakota Santiago (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

One of the organizers, Gavin Mario Wax tweeted that “If NY Democrat officials try to shut down our event the @NYYRC is prepared to file suit in federal court against all of these officials. When elected officials intentionally violate constitutional rights they do not enjoy the protections of taxpayer indemnification either. ” In the end event was held in New Jersey.

Jersey City Mayor ordered to shut down the venue, saying: “This event blatantly disregards the protections put in place to safeguard the community from further contagion and has put Jersey City and countless others at serious risk. As we further investigate the matter, the establishment has been ordered closed until such time as they submit to the Jersey City Health and Human Services Department a written operational plan describing how they’re going to comply with capacity mandates and mask wearing, and the plan will be subsequently reviewed by the city and approved,”

NYYRC held an event on November 8th 2019, last year, at Yale Club, with Steve Bannon as the main speaker.

It was met with a protest.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (November 8th 2019)

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