Barbershop Moves Outdoors to Save Business

Markiel has worked on the Upper West Side for 12 years, at the Barber Shop on 212 West 80th street. They recently celebrated their 12 year anniversary, but the pandemic has taken its toll.

They opened back up in June, beginning with outdoor cuts, “people feel safer, I feel safer, the weather is nice and it’s more fun out here” said Markiel.

They came back on June 22, since a lot of people left the city the business suffered, he said, but they were lucky to be in a residential area where there is still some business, comparing to Midtown.

Markiel said that local residents have been helping out a lot by promoting his outdoor cuts and that it’s thanks to the neighborhood that his business has survived.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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