HATE CRIME – Maskless man verbally assaulted two Asian passengers on NYC train

November 29 2020 – QUEENS, New York:
A maskless man verbally assaulted two Asians on the N train in Astoria while spewing racist and hateful comments as well as saliva.

Jema Tran, a small business owner (www.giftzza.com) from Brooklyn was with her nephew, Angel Cuji on the N train in Astoria on their way home from visiting family when the man began his tirade, yelling things like “nasty Asian bitch,” calling her different Asian nationalities like Chinese and Cambodian. Tran is actually from the Philippines and her nephew his half Latino and half Asian as well as a gay man. This is the 2nd time in 6 months that Tran says she was harassed for being asian.

Workers at the station told her to call the police but the police who responded told her to instead call. The transit police.

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