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Vigil held for Infant boys discovered dead behind Bronx building

On Monday (November 9th) two infants, less than a day old, were found dead and wrapped in plastic and brown paper bags behind a College Avenue building in Claremont, Bronx.

Video of the scene and press conference on November 9th by Daniel Valls

Members of the community held a vigil was on November 13th, for the two Infant boys who may have been twins.

One baby was found in a side alleyway behind the building and the other was about 20 feet away. They appeared to be less than a day old, with umbilical cords still attached, as reported by Pix11.

Infants has skull fractures and injuries to the head. Investigators are waiting for the medical examiner to determine if the babies were born alive.

Video by Daniel Valls – the Vigil held for the two infants

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