Dozens Shoved and Arrested in West Village following a Post Election Day Demonstration in NYC

November 4 2020 – MANHATTAN, New York: Around 50 people were arrested near Washington Square Park after multiple stand-offs with the cops.

The afternoon started with a 500 person march from Bryant Park to Washington Square Park rallying to “protect the results” and “count every vote.”

By 7pm, most of that group had dispersed. About a half hour later a separate protest group gathered for a demonstration called, Everybody Out, with a message stating “No matter what goes down on election day, we will gather this Wednesday and every Wednesday until January 20th. Until the fall of the regime”.

A crowd of about 200 protesters with this group marched from the Washington Square Park and through Greenwich Village, some garbage fires were set and barricades erected in the streets between protesters and the police who followed them, several protesters were surrounded and arrested by police, being thrown over garbage piles and some surprised by undercover cops in the crowd.
Just before 8:30, the group was marching east along West 8th street and were blocked by bicycle police in riot gear at 5th Avenue, they were then surrounded and “Kettled” by the NYPD, who then began throwing down multiple protesters and making mass arrests.

A young woman was seen in this video filmed by Elizabeth Meryl Rosner, getting arrested after she spat in an officer’s face after screaming, “F–k you, fascist.”

NYPD posted a tweet saying, “These weapons, confiscated at protests tonight, put others at risk. Bringing weapons to peaceful protests cannot and will not be tolerated. We are currently working to de-escalate the situation. Anyone caught with a weapon will be arrested.” Images attached featured a police taser, two knives, and what appear to be fireworks.

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