Violence Erupts in Brooklyn over Walter Wallace Jr Protests, 31 arrested

October 27 2020 – BROOKLYN, New York: A large crowd gathered to protest in solidarity with Philadelphia protests over the death of Walter Wallace Jr. Who was shot ten times by the police, he was holding a knife according to authorities.
The group smashed police cars and some civilian car windows, multiple large businesses such as Bank of America windows were broken and multiple fires set throughout the march. Cops kettled the group on Atlantic Ave between Smith and Boerum Pl and moved in to make arrests, when they tried to stop one car that was following the crowd the driver said “I’m trying to go home,” and closed the door. Police then broke the cars windows with batons and the car then drove through the line of police blocking the vehicle in the front.
31 people were reportedly arrested during tonight’s events.

Video by Scootercaster and Sam Hartson (FNTV /

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