MAGA clash with ‘Antifa’ in Manhattan – Multiple Arrested

October 21 2020 – MANHATTAN, New York: Clashes broke out between “Antifa,” BLM, and Trump Supporters who were displaying a massive Trump flag near City Hall this Afternoon. Multiple BLM protesters were arrested as the MAGA Protesters marched the flag along the streets downtown. The opposition of ‘Antifa’. counter-protesters in black-bloc were thrown down and arrested within 2 blocks of City Hall, where the march began.

They marched to National Museum of the American Indians where more BLM protesters were arrested. Police in riot gear surrounded the Trump protest keeping all others away. One protester also threw paint on the flag along the March.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

After the march was over, Videographer A.O. captured this scene, where small group of Trump supporters punched one of the counter-protesters following today’s MAGA march. Video shows the group, wearing red hats, following the counter protester before punching him in the face. Shortly after, a different counter protester splashed the red hat group with yellow liquid before running off.

We were told the yellow liquid was eggs.

Video by A. O. (FNTV

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