Terrence Floyd’s Midnight March over Brooklyn Bridge to mark George Floyd’s 47th Birthday.

On October 13 2020, Terrence Flyod, Brother of George Floyd, gathered a group to march across the Brooklyn Bridge in remembering his brother on what would’ve been his 47th birthday.

The group sang Happy Birthday to George and danced to “Let’s Celebrate.”

Terrence Floyd was joined by Reverend Kevin McCall and Sanford Rubenstein. Rubinstein, the civil rights attorney, stated,”The death, the killing of George Floyd set up a fire storm of demonstrations, not just in New York City but all over the world”.

A protestor, Jay Jay, stated, “Racial injustices-you can’t really fix it. You’ve got to start it all over, you got to bring it down and start it all over with a brand new foundation.”

Video by Dakota Santiago and Leeroy Johnson (FNTV

Story by A. O.

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