Protesters Shut Down and Occupy Brooklyn Bridge for 1.5 hours in NYC

September 25 2020 – BROOKLYN, New York: Group of several hundred gathered at Barclay’s Center and marched to shut down Brooklyn Bridge.
Once the group got to the middle of Brooklyn Bridge, they read their demands and announced that they are staying sitted “get comfy” speaker said “because we are staying”.

Protesters occupied the bridge for about 90 minutes before seeing police lights and running down the bridge towards Manhattan. After a few moments  an organizer said that they have 2 minutes to get off the bridge. The group linked arms and marched quickly back towards Brooklyn where they gathered at Borough Hall and dispersed.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

After a group of several hundred started marching to Brooklyn Bridge, a confrontation started between this person and black bloc group, it was eventually de-escalated and he was offered to join the March. Minutes later he was rushed out of the march, with group saying he put his hands on black man’s neck. Fight broke out after group repeatedly told him to leave. and he appeared to grab another person around their neck. Cops appeared to ignore the fight. for the most part.

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