“We are not chess pieces” Shelter Residents Displaced To Make Room for UWS Hotel Displaced Men

September 10 2020 – MANHATTAN, New York: Busses arrived to remove families from an accessible shelter in Midtown to make room for homeless men that the mayor kicked out of the Lucerne Hotel on the Upper West Side.
Residents were told on Sept 9th that they had to leave the next day, despite assurances that careful consideration would be given to each case.
“We’re not chess pieces… We’re human,” said Maria Lopez, a resident of the shelter.

“All the staff got fired, they were all very good people,” said Norma Torres Olivieri, who was staying at Harmonia with her mother. When asked how her mother is doing she said, “she’s not doing well, she cries when no one is looking, like all of us.”

Politico is reporting that the Legal Aid Society is preparing to sue the de Blasio administration over this plan to move people with disabilities out of the shelter on such short notice. At least 150 families are being to make room for the UWS men.

Video by Daniel Valls (FNTV freedomnews.tv)
Desk@scootercaster.com for licensing

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