Protesters Stand off with Rochester PD , Tear Gas, Fireworks, Fire and Batons

September 5 2020 – ROCHESTER, New York: Protesters tried to hold a line against police along Exchange Boulevard in Rochester outside of Blue Cross Arena. Explosions rocked the intersection and tear gas filled the streets as police tried to disperse the protesters with pepper balls and streaming containers of gas. The stand off started minutes after protesters arrived at the police barrier, RPD made multiple announcements declaring them an “Unlawful Assembly” and shortly after discharged pepper balls and tear gas. Protesters hurled whatever they could back at police. At one point police appears to hit protesters with batons. There were reports of rubber bullets used but this is unconfirmed.

Towards the end of the night when most of the group has dispersed, a local uHaul was set on fire, a man appears to run towards it later, reportedly he was the owner of this uHaul. Local witnesses confirmed that it’s a black owned business. Two people are seen arrested, one of them appears to be a photographer.

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Black Owned Business Set on Fire in Rochester NY During Protests

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