August 21 2020 – BRONX, New York: Presidents of 3 major police unions as well as the founder of Blue Lives Matter and community members, spoke today at a pro-police rally called The Big Unity & Peace March. The event was organized to stop violence, support the community and law enforcement officials.

“We need a strong voice, a voice that says support NYPD and let them do their job” said Pat Lynch, the president of PBA, “We need that voice and Donald Trump is that voice.”

Dozens marched from police precinct to Van Cortland Park where they held a rally. “What this is is a plea for peace, it’s a plea to our elected officials to stop passing laws that make it difficult for law enforcement to do their job” said Pat Lynch.

“You represent the silent majority, we have allowed minority to subsequently bring in chaos to our society,” said Ret. NYPD Lt Darrin Porcher.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

“I would go to Trump Tower with a big gallon of blue paint, and you know what I would paint over there? Blue Lives Matter!” said a rabbi who spoke.

Speakers included: Ret NYPD Lt Darrin Porcher, CJ Expert and Fox News Analyst Edward Mullins, SBA President Joseph imperatrice – Founder of Blue lives matter, Pat Lynch – president of PBA, Paul DiGiacomo – President of DEA

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