Protest Leader Emerges to Cheers after Six Hour Stand Off with Police Ends in Manhattan

August 7 2020 – MANHATTAN, New York:
A lead BLM protest organizer and a co-founder of Warriors in the Garden, was streaming live on Instagram this morning as NYPD officers waited outside of his door in order to arrest him for an unknown reason.

Dwreck Ingram said he was inside of his apartment when officers arrived without a search warrant and told him to come out and surrender to officers. In his livestream he mentioned that he was unaware of the charges but believed it may have had something to do with a protest that had occurred last month in Bayside, Queens.

Police had Ingram surrounded in his apartment and the Emergency Services Unit, K9, riot gear cops had entered the building during the standoff.

Police were seen speaking to a legal representative of Ingram outside of the building, and Ingram himself in the live feed said to police, who were banging repeatedly on his door, that he is coordinating his exit with his lawyer.

Police officer who identified as a warrant squad in Ingram’s live stream was heard saying that he will be arrested as part of an ongoing investigation. They were not able to provide a warrant for his arrest.
Police apparently could not secure a warrant and left the scene, causing protesters in the streets to erupt in cheers.

Ingram eventually left the apartment covered by a sheet and getting into one of two cars and driving off.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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