Tropical Storm Isaias Leaves Destruction in It’s Path

Compilation of footage shot by our FNTV news team across all 5 boroughs, during Tropical Storm Isaias. 

A tornado watch was issued until 4pm and during that time we saw multiple trees down, many cars crushed, live wires sparking, and spoke with neighbors in shock.

Heavy rain was on and off but the wind kept on for hours. Then, in what seemed like an instant, the storm had passed and blue skies emerged from behind the dark and fast-swirling clouds. 

Isaias left over 220,000 people without power in New York, marking the second largest storm related outage in Con Edison history after Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012.

Videos were filmed by @NewYorkCityPeople, Daniel Valls, Scootercaster, Yuki Iwamura, CitystreetsLive, G. Dano, Steve Sanchez, and Ben Von Klemperer.

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