Girl Punched, Protesters Block assailant from Leaving, Stand off with Police – Pro cop rally in Bay Ridge

July 12 2020 – BROOKLYN, New York: A fight broke out as Black Lives Matter protesters followed Blue Lives Matter protesters away from the main group. A couple pro-police demonstrates began punching and hit a female in the face. It took a while for police to finally break up the crowd, eventually the black lives matter protesters surrounded the police and demanded they arrest the man who punched the girl. The police were keeping the protesters away from the small group of fighters and eventually backup arrived and it appeared as though the suspect was not in handcuffs as they forced him through the angry crowd to the police van.

Police say the witnesses who were taken with him were the two people the suspect was walking with. After the police removed the suspect and witnesses, the crowd began throwing glass bottles at officers in riot gear who retreated several blocks.

The police then formed a line and waited for reinforcements. The black lives matter protesters were now angry and began setting fires. The bicycle police came and began forcing the crowd down 4th Ave and onto 67th Street where they are seen attacking a resident who appeared to be verbally fighting previously, then they set fires and blocked roads.

Video by Scootercaster and NewYorkCityPeople (FNTV

Video by NewYorkCityPeople and Scootercaster

This is following an earlier incident where a Black Lives matter counter-protestor was tased by the police during this same event.

Video by Scootercaster

Here are more videos of earlier confrontations including more footage of the brawl

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