Back The Blue faces off with Black Lives Matter

July 2 2020 – MANHATTAN, New York: A group held a rally on the Upper East Side near Carl Schurz Park to fund but reform the police, many of them holding the police blue-stripe flag. This rally was held not far from a Black Lives Matter vigil that is held regularly in the park. The pro-police rally was organized by a retired detective and it looked like about 40-60 showed up.

A counter protest arrived with signs and chanting slogans and the group inside invited them into the barricaded area and many arguments broke out, signs shoved into each other’s faces, cursing and shouting, and eventually the police moved the counter protesters out. Arguments continued along the barricade between the protesters and counter-protesters thereafter. The pro police supporters broke out in singing the national anthem, and the counter protesters sang back “No Justice No Peace”, “Black Lives Matter” and “Eat My Dick”

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Back The Blue Rally in Manhattan New York

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