Armed Off Duty Cop Arrested near Robert E Lee statue

June 20 2020 – RICHMOND, VA: A 38-year-old officer was charged with trespassing after he was allegedly spotted with a firearm on the roof of an unoccupied building overlooking the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, Virginia, police said Saturday.

He was spotted on top of the building by multiple people, was reportedly armed, taking photos, flipping people off and going through his backpack, police urged people to leave the area.

SWAT team members used a loudspeaker to communicate with the individual who was taken into custody shortly after.
Protesters have been camping out at the memorial for over a week demanding its removal, and counter protesters have been threatening them on social media and defending the statue.
Police identified the man as Riley O’Shaughnessey, an off duty officer with the Richmond International Airport Police Department. Riley was not charged with a weapons-related crime because he was legally carrying the gun.

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