Mural Celebrating First Responders Painted in Staten Island

By G.Dano, (FNTV Rosebank, Staten Island / June 9, 2020:

A community mural is painted on the North Shore of Staten Island with the community in mind as Juliane Leigh Forsyth said with pride and gratification. Forsyth, a firefighter, photographer and artist said, “I designed this mural with the community in mind. This is all about bringing first responders together to show that we are one giant family”. Juliane Leigh Forsyth is a Brooklyn firefighter at Engine 233, Ladder 176, Field Communications Unit.

Forsyth is a native of Staten Island who gathered friends and first responders to volunteer hundreds of hours to make this mural possible. Forsyth was able to gather dozens of volunteers totaling 300 community service hours.

Women firefighters Kelly V. Fullhan of Engine 284/Ladder 149 “Castle on the Hill” Battalion 42, Grace Plagainos of Engine 330/Ladder 172/ Battalion 42 and Kamolla Nosirova of Engine 243/Ladder 168, Battalion 42 are some of the volunteers gathered today.

Forsyth’s next mural will honor doctors. nurses, healthcare workers, essential workers and veterans all holding up the American flag right across from the first responder’s family tribute. Forsyth said, ” we’ve had a tough couple of months with everything going on and COVID19″. Forsyth said, “She wants to thank everyone and we are all in this together”. Her tribute to America’s workforce will be displayed for everyone to see.

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