“There is nothing left inside” Some stores are not re-opening in Phase One

June 8th 2020 – Manhattan, New York: Local Business store in Herald Square is not able to re-open in Phase one as they greatly suffered during looting where they lost over half a million dollars and insurance won’t be able to cover everything. They said police was standing nearby while the store was getting looted.
“They looted everything, nobody’s helping, police was standing and watching outside”

They might have to close the store “There is nothing left inside” said
Yogesh Shaneiley

Clinthea who was shocked by the shattered windows in the store said “Some people they go beyond extreme” “if we are. Protesting we are protesting, we don’t have to break people’s place” “this makes no sense”

We came back can hour later to get shots inside the store and Yagesh told us he is still getting looted as he is trying to clean up the place today, people come by saying the are sorry about what happened. And run off with merchandise.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

Available for licensing desk@scootercaster.com

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