Social Distancing Party in Manhattan Sets Trend for the Summer

May 24 2020 – MANHATTAN, New York: On 149th Street, a line of colorful pods sit in the sunlight along the sidewalk. Theresa and her friends and family set these pods up and share food and snacks, make paintings, chat with one another and even watch movies projected onto the wall, all from their pods. The pods have lights, fans, chairs, little trash buckets and are a great way to have a social-distancing party.

Theresa said she had the idea to make these pods on her own, but she found a bunch online and decided to invest. “I bought this just to be with my friends and family…We like to sit in our pods and we can talk.” She even wears a portable pod as she walks between the people pods to deliver snacks from the snack pod, art supplies, and even popcorn from the popcorn machine.

The event has gotten bigger as more of her friends have joined in the festivities, and this time even her friends dog, Juicy.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster and Samuel Hartson (FNTV

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