Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa Defies NYC Mayor, Buries an Effigy , Goes for Forbidden Swim

May 24th, 2020 – BROOKLYN, New York: Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels came to Coney Island on Sunday to defy mayor Bill de Blasio orders not to swim. He brought a paper cut-out of the mayor, buried it in the sand, and then went for a swim. Park Enforcement agents immediately began screaming “The beach is closed,” “You have to come out”.

Curtis Sliwa said “I don’t live in fear and I pay taxes so I’ll swim if I want.” and “The mayor…should have the lifeguards out here, let people have fun… Long Island they can swim, Jersey Shore they can swim… but not here in New York City. How stupid is that?”

Curtis walked into the water and swam 3 times and only recieved verbal requests not to go swimming. The enforcement agents said they will be here to help if something happens but they are asking for him to not swim. Police officers on the boardwalk did not respond to the swimmer. A boy named Jaden who was on the beach with his parents said, when asked what he thought, “it’s not fair that other people get to go in the water but not us.”

Video by Scootercaster and Sam Hartson (FNTV FREEDOMNEWS.TV)

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