“We Will Be Back” Business Struggle During Coronavirus

By G.Dano (FNTV – New York, NY: Bar owner Pat Hughes explains how coronavirus closed one of his bar business down and fears losing two more after re-opening with new NYC social distancing guidelines.

Pat’s location is usually surrounded by tourist from the intrepid sea air museum and broadway show attendees. Due to Covid19 he was forced to shut down one bar. He now has three left. He pleads to Governor Cuomo & NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio to open up. Mr. Hughes says he and many other New York bars can open up safely while maintaining social distancing. He also signaled to politicians that many businesses like his cannot survive by allowing only a limited customers, twenty-five percent of the capacity.

With Broadways, concerts and events closed all summer for New York City he is afraid he will lose all three bars by the end of summer.

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