“Rotting Bodies” smell at Brooklyn Funeral Home, over 100 bodies, NYPD on scene

April 29 2020 – BROOKLYN, New York: 100 bodies were found in the back of unrefrigerated trucks after neighbors complained of a strong smell. Two trucks each containing 50 bodies were found outside of a funeral home on Utica Ave in Flatlands. The neighbor who reported the vehicles said he smelled bodies and saw what appeared to be blood leaking from the uhaul truck. Also saying they’d been seeing bodies been removed and placed into the trucks for over a month. I saw a video from inside the small Uhaul truck and it was full of bodies Stacked up on top of each other, no shelves.

We reached out to Uhaul and the issued a following statement:

“This is a wrongful, egregious and inhumane use of our equipment. Our trucks are designed for household moves. Properly caring for the remains of people’s loved ones requires vehicles suited specifically for that purpose. Our trucks absolutely cannot be rented for this reason.”

“Additionally, please know: ** The customer on this contract will be unable to rent from U-Haul now. ** The trucks involved in this incident will be taken out of circulation for the time being. They are being sent to a repair shop for thorough cleaning and disinfecting. ** All U-Haul trucks, regardless of customer use, are sprayed and thoroughly sanitized between every rental transaction.”

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

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