“Utter Bullshit” – Staten Island Borough President calls DC Information

Staten Island Borough President James Oddo said: “The utter Bullshit that you hear on TV that things are OK, if you want the truth and not utter bullshit that comes out of DC, talk to these folks here”

By G. Dano (FNTV freedomnews.tv): On Monday, Apri 20, 2020 at 2PM Mayor De Blasio, Council Member Debi Rose, Staten Island Borough President James Oddo delivers PPE to Richmond University Hospital in the West Brighton section of Staten Island. The hospital where registered nurse and ICU manager Mary Ellen Porter died due to coronavirus.

The mayor lauded that the PEE being delivered were coming from the Brooklyn Navy yard where dedicated New Yorkers made them by hand.
Councilwoman Debi Rose thanked all nurses and doctors on Staten Island, “I want to thank the Mayor for the much needed supplies that we are needed that we have been begging for”.

Staten Island Borough President James Oddo had a different tone for elected officials in Washington D.C., “the utter bullshit that you hear on TV that things are okay and if you want ground truth and not utter “bullshit” coming out of Washington D.C. talk to these folks”, pointing to the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.

James Oddo tells the executives and team members at Richmond University Hospital, “nothing short but heroic and you have our admiration”.
The Mayor during his press conference this morning states that we have enough PPE until next Sunday.

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