Death Rate in NYC Nursing Homes Skyrockets

(By Oliya Scootercaster FNTV Released today: 3,778 deaths were added to the NYC death toll  — driving up the previously recorded total of 6,589 by more than half. Current updated number is 10,367 deaths related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As reported in New York Post on Monday, the death rate of those in NYC nursing homes has not only increased, but the situation has become so serious that the there is no room to store the bodies of those who have died. 

According to a source for the New York Post, some bodies were left laying on beds next to living patients.

The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

I visited three of those nursing home locations today to investigate the situation.

The first location was The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. I spoke with Kalani Hioren who said, “I hope this blows over” and “It kinda sucks watching them go through it and they know they are going through it.” I asked him what happens at the center when a patient passes away and he said, “the patients pass away, they wrap the body up.” He told me that people bring the body downstairs, they pick up the body and “then we sanitize and clean the rooms.”

He was called off by someone from the center and appeared to be scolded by a superior, that person then told me not to speak to their workers. The center administration later responded to us via email regarding the statements made in the NY post story with saying “The media needs to allow us to focus on patient care as all healthcare providers work together to combat this global pandemic.”

At the second location, King David Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, an ambulance arrived at the front and removed a patient. 

One of the nurses said, “Its just too much right now, a lot of anger, a lot of pain, everyone is just trying to do the best that they can for the residents that are here right now.”

Another employee said, “we are not allowed to comment on anything.”

Michael Angelo Barricella, who was standing nearby the center, and whose grandma lives in the neighborhood, stressed his concern, “she is so close, God forbid she gets it.”

The third location, Crown Heights Center, was busy with nurses dressed in proper PPE equipment who were leaving after their shift. Two men who were previously parked in the center’s driveway were seen removing a full protective PPE equipment from Chute Plus – wall & ceiling cleaning services.

In the back of the nursing home I observed a small refrigerated trailer, which, if in line with what we’ve elsewhere, is likely a place to store the recently deceased, but this is unconfirmed.

Multiple ambulances were seen arriving at the center. Two nurses walking by told me, when I asked how it’s going here, “It’s the same as other nursing homes.” Which indicated to me that times are tough.

While I was unable to confirm the statements in New York Post, i also did not hear anyone deny them.

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