Pizzas donated to Staten Island Hospital

March 25, 2020

By G.Dano (FNTV)

Rosebank, Staten Island

Donations to the frontliners started pouring in tonight said Pizza maker Shkelzen Bahtiri of Pizza Mia Restaurant Rosebank, Staten Island. 

Mr. Bahtiri and his associates worked very quickly to fill the orders, aside from taking care of their regular customers. Team Pizza Mia made fifty pies this evening for healthcare workers at Staten Island University Hospital. Working rapidly to make sure all were fresh and hot as they arrived to the hospital. Shkelzen said, “we are making donations to the hospital. These (pizzas) are for the doctors, the nurses, the staff and the patients. If any other hospital needs pies we’re willing to supply it”.

Shkelzen Bahtiri helps bring out the pizza boxes for swift delivery to Staten Island Univesity Hospital North. Users from the slice app donates pizza to frontliners at area hospitals. Pizza Mia made the delivery tonight.

Monetary donations from kind users of the slice app make it possible for pizza parlors like Pizza Mia to deliver fresh pies twice a week to the two area hospitals Staten Island University Hospital North campus Ocean Breeze and Richmond University Hospital in West Brighton who are taking care of COVID-19 patients. Tonight’s recipient is Staten Island University Hospital and Pizza Mia delivered about fifty boxes of pizza to the main campus of the hospital in Ocean Breeze.

Users from the app donates pizza twice a week to the frontliners fighting this invisible disease. 

Pizza Mia is located in the Rosebank section of Staten Island.

Pizza Mia is located at 529 Tompkins Avenue, Staten Island, New York. They can be reached at (718) 720-1212. They are open seven days a week from 10:30AM to 10PM.

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