March 14 2020 – MIDTOWN MANHATTAN:

Coronavirus fears hit Manhattan hard on Saturday, businesses and restaurants closed, popular tourist locations deserted.

A line of empty horse carriages waiting for riders in Central Park.
The Apple Store on 5th Avenue was closed with workers telling folks they can’t enter. Workers could be seen cleaning inside.
The Presbyterian church on 5th Avenue with signs saying building closed. One sign saying mass canceled and to worship with us online.

The Microsoft Store on 5th Avenue was only allowing customers with appointments or looking to buy something quickly.
Many businesses were being cleaned and wiped down.

The Rockefeller ice rink, nearly empty at midday on a warm Saturday.
Talking to tourists from Ohio, they were surprised at how empty the streets were.
Times Square with much fewer tourists than usual.
The TKTS booths closed, no Broadway tickets are being sold today.
The usually bustling Times Square Subway Station was virtually empty, as signs warned riders how to keep themselves clean and healthy.

Video by Scootercaster and Samuel Hartson / FNTV

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