Elizabeth Warren drops out of 2020 Race

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race following another round of disappointing finishes in primary contests across the country on Super Tuesday.

Photo by Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden

“I announced this morning that I am suspending my campaign for president,” Warren told reporters.
“I say this with a deep sense of gratitude for every single person who got in this fight, every single person who tried out a new idea, every single person who just moved a little in their notion of what a President of the United States should look like.”

Photo by Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden

Warren said she was not going to make an announcement about endorsing another candidate for president today.

“I want to take a little time to think a little more.” Warren said.

Joe Biden tweeted saying Senator Warren “is the fiercest of fighters for middle class families” and that “we need her voice in this race, and we need her continued work in the Senate”.

Photo by Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden

President Donald Trump on the other hand tweeted this: “Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, who was going nowhere except into Mini Mike’s head, just dropped out of Democrat Primary… THREE DATS TOO LATE. “

This was following Trump’s tweet from previous day: “So selfish for Elizabeth Warren to stay in the race. She has zero chance of even coming close to winning, but hurts Bernie badly.”

And while we wait to hear her plans….

Watch and get the full experience in this video from September 17th 2019, Elizabeth Warren Rally in New York City.

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