“Women March” Exhibition opened in New York City

A new exhibit “Women March” celebrates the centennial of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote in 1920, as it explores the efforts of a wide range of women to expand American democracy in the centuries before and after the suffrage victory.

One of our videos ‘Rapist In Your Path’ is featured at this exhibition.

Photographs and footage depict the various ways women organized in the years after the Nineteenth Amendment as they strove to extend voting rights and promote equality for all.

A little more about our video – filmed on January 10, 2020 – MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Dozens of women dressed in black and red danced in unison as they chanted lines from the Viral Chile protest ‘A Rapist In Your Path’ , outside of Manhattan criminal court where Weinstein’s sex assault trial is held. Women shouted “The rapist is you,” “Patriarchy is our judge, given to us at birth, our punishment is the violence you see.” “It’s not my fault — not where I was, not how I dress,” in this chilling demonstration.

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