Protesters Search for Biden “Billionaire Fundraiser”

Protesters of Biden Fundraiser
Protesters gathered outside of the purported location of a Joe Biden 2020 fundraiser to protest his aligning with billionaires to win funding for the 2020 election.

January 6 2020 – COLUMBUS CIRCLE, Manhattan:

A group of protesters gathered outside of one of several possible locations of a Joe Biden fundraiser to demand that the former Vice President and democratic presidential nominee stop attending billionaire fundraisers that don’t support a green agenda. Pete Sikora with Communities For Change says “Give back the money that he is taking from these big real estate, fossil fuel, weapons manufacturers, billionaires. He shouldn’t be beholden to that kind of money, he should reject it like Sanders and Warren are doing, so that if he is the nominee, he is not funded by dirty money. And . when he becomes President, if he becomes President, he is not funded by billionaires and is beholden to them”. The group of about 25 then marched around Midtown banging pots and shouting “Biden you can’t hide, we can see your greedy side”.

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