SantaCon 2019

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Saturday December 14, 2019 – Midtown, Manhattan:

The annual gathering of Santas took place and it was all that you’d expect. From their website: “SANTACON IS A CHARITABLE, NON-POLITICAL, NONSENSICAL SANTA CLAUS CONVENTION THAT HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR TO SPREAD ABSURDIST JOY.”

Each year, and much to the chagrin of locals, the drunken Santas fill the streets of different parts of the city and bar-hop to event-sponsored locations around the city. This year the event took place around Times Square, however the locations were spread out from the Upper West Side all the way down to the East Village. Everywhere you walked, there were Santas.

Several flyers were posted around midtown before the event saying “Not Wanted – Santacon.” And the sentiment seemed to be echoed on social media. However the Santas came, and they partied. And for what we saw, it wasn’t THAT bad.

Some interesting notes: As we were filming around 36th Street, we saw a crowd of people following a man in a bright white fur coat, turned out to be rapper Gucci Mane. He was walking between Santacon sponsored clubs and followed by a harem of scantily-clad Santas and a couple of cameras.
We also witnessed a strange interaction between a young girl and a group of firefighters that resulted in the girl being taken away in a stretcher by EMS.

Santas bar-hopping at SantaCon 2019
Santas bar-hopping on 36th Street in Midtown
Packs of wild Santas could be seen wandering through the East Village
Rapper Gucci Mane, in his Santa hat with his Santa followers

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